Camel Wayuu Mochila Bag


Make a statement by bringing ancestral design to your outfit with this Wayuu Mochila bag.

Each bag is unique and an expression of the way the Wayuu interpret the natural world.

The bags can be worn on one shoulder or across the body. They are comfortable, practical (they can pack in a lot!) and are long lasting.

This beauty is a gentle mix of camel and white.

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Product Details & Care

Machine washable, 30 degrees.

100% acrylic.

Product Story

Females learn the crochet technique during their time in 'el encierro'. This is when they are enclosed in an area from their first menstruation cycle. Only female relatives can enter and they learn all that they need to to transition into being a woman, including how to crochet.

The geometric patterns are visual representations of Wayuu life and the natural world, with patterns on bags and baskets rarely being the same.

Each bag takes seven days to make and is made in La Guajira, Colombia.

Meet the Artisans

Come on a journey to understand the heritage of our products, which roots back to pre-colonial times. Creative traditions passed down from generation to generation.Understand how your purchase empowers the artisans in these rural communities where life if hard, and how it encourages their creativity to thrive.