Green Cesar Placemats (set of 2)


Bring some natural, earthy colour to your table with this set of handwoven placemats from El Cesar, Colombia, or put them on your walls for an all natural work of art. 

Made from a beautiful artisan family in the North of Colombia that uses natural dyeing practices. They are made from the native growing estera palm.

Get the look with these napkin rings and table runner.

Set of two placemats.

Editorial photo credit, Kinship Creative Design Consultancy

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Product Details & Care

Dimensions: 42 cm by 36 cm

Clean with a damp cloth

Product Story

These unique products were originally made by the Chimila, an indigenous group that was subjugated by the Spanish invasion in the 1700s.

These ancient practices were passed down from mother to daughter and have evolved with each generation’s creativity.

They still use the palm as well as a variety of plant-based materials to colour the products, including seeds, leaves and tree bark, creating a gorgeous earthy feel.

Each placemat takes two days to make and is made in El Cesar, Colombia.

Meet the Artisans

Come on a journey to understand the heritage of our products, which roots back to pre-colonial times. Creative traditions passed down from generation to generation.Understand how your purchase empowers the artisans in these rural communities where life if hard, and how it encourages their creativity to thrive.