Our story

wuchii was born out of a deep love for Latin culture, beautiful things and a desire to make a positive difference in the world, however small.

Note from the founder

Hi, I’m Caroline Kuis, the daughter of a Colombian immigrant to the UK.

I grew up in two worlds, never feeling fully part of either. Now I realise this was a gift, enabling me to be a bridge between the two worlds.   

During my adventures through Latin America I fell in love with the infectious warmth of its people and the energy the artisans pour into their craft. I was also angered and saddened by the huge differences in wealth inequality and the lack of opportunities for people in rural areas, especially for women. 

I feel incredibly lucky to be working on something I am so passionate about, and I hope through wuchii I can make an impact.

Our Origins

Wuchii means bird in Wayuunaiki, the language spoken by the Wayuu, a tribe from the remote north-east of Colombia.

Our Mission

We are passionate about empowering female led artisans, and preserving ancestral craftmanship.

Our Products

We take joy in finding talented local artisans creating beautiful products and sharing them with you.

We want to enable you to feel connected to your product and to its maker. To revel in its beauty as much as we do and encourage slow, conscious consumerism.

That’s why each product is handpicked and we work directly with artisan families and Co-operatives.