Meet the Artisans

Our woven table runners are handmade in Bolívar

Bolívar is a rich cultural melting pot. 

Sandwiched between mountains and the Carribbean coast, descendants of African slaves,  indigenous people and Spanish immigrants mixed to create a valuable textile legacy and unique musical heritage.  

This began with the Spanish invasion that decimated much of the indigenous population in this region, with African slaves brought over to fill the labour gap. The violence continued in this region that was hit particularly hard by Colombia’s internal conflict. The result has been massacres,  kidnappings and displaced people. 

Today, much of the violence has subsided but the scars can still be seen with half of the population in certain parts of the region living in conditions of misery. 

There is no water supply or water sanitation services in some of Bolívar’s towns. Residents collect water in tanks or, if they are among the privileged few, rely on expensive deliveries. 

Strikingly, given the misery and trauma, local people still have an unwavering resilience. The warmth and generosity of Bolívarians is truly uplifting and inspirational.

Tradition and Technique

The artisanal products from this region come from the Zenu, a Pre-Columbian tribe known for their exquisite textiles. 

The Zenu tribal designs and loom weaving techniques have been passed down through generations of women that would gather and weave together. 

Wuchii works with Olivia, a master artisan who has created an impactful enterprise training young local people in the Zenu craft. She provides much-needed employment opportunities in this remote rural area and is keeping the ancient Zenu tradition alive. 

Each table runner takes 7 days to make. 

Olivia & the team