Caracol Placemat


Feel connected to nature with this gorgeous handwoven, intricately designed natural, iraca palm placemat.

These 'caracol' or shell design placemats are handwoven by talented artisans from the tiny town of Usiacuri, which is nestled in the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

The town is almost exclusively dedicated to making artisanal products made from the Iraca palm. The palm-based products have become so popular that farmers are replacing their coca crops with it.

Complete the look with these gorgeous napkin ring and table runner.

Product Details & Care

35 cm diameter

Clean with a damp cloth

Product Story

Designs are inspired by nature found around the Caribbean coast of the region, such as 'El Caracol', the El Atlántico artisans' trademark shell design.

The collection is focused on designs that celebrate the palm in its natural state, with occasional splashes of colour.

Each placemat takes two days to make and is made in the tiny town of Usiacuri.

Meet the Artisans

Come on a journey to understand the heritage of our products, which roots back to pre-colonial times. Creative traditions passed down from generation to generation.Understand how your purchase empowers the artisans in these rural communities where life if hard, and how it encourages their creativity to thrive.