Pastel Cushion


Transform your living space with the enchanting charm of our beautifully handwoven pastel cushions from Colombia. Infused with the soft hues of natural dyes, each cushion tells a tale of artistry and tradition.

Skillfully woven over two days on a traditional loom, these cushions are more than a visual delight; they offer a tactile experience with intricate weavings providing a unique texture.

Crafted exclusively by a women's artisan group in the north of Colombia, these cushions seamlessly blend artistry with tradition, infusing your space with cultural richness.

Embrace the narrative of slow craftsmanship and empower communities with these unique and vibrant pieces, adding both style and substance to your home.

Product Details & Care

Width = 50 cm
Length = 50 cm

100% Cotton
Dry clean only

Product Story

The artisanal products from this region come from the Zenu, a Pre-Columbian tribe known for their exquisite textiles.

The Zenu tribal designs and loom weaving techniques have been passed down through generations of women that would gather and weave together.

Each cushion takes 2 days to make.

Made in Bolivar, Colombia.

Meet the Artisans

Come on a journey to understand the heritage of our products, which roots back to pre-colonial times. Creative traditions passed down from generation to generation.Understand how your purchase empowers the artisans in these rural communities where life if hard, and how it encourages their creativity to thrive.