Wool Zapotec Cushion


Enhance your living space with the artful elegance of our handwoven, naturally dyed Zapotec cushions from Mexico.

Meticulously crafted, each woolen thread is skillfully woven on a traditional loom, a two-day process that not only creates visually striking patterns but also delivers a distinctive tactile experience.

These cushions, crafted by a women's cooperative in Oaxaca, seamlessly blend artistry with tradition, infusing your space with cultural richness. By embracing these pieces, you not only invite unique and vibrant decor into your home but also contribute to the empowerment of communities through the story of slow craftsmanship.

Product Details & Care

Width = 40 cm
Length = 50 cm

Wool & Cotton

dry clean only

Product Story

Deeply rooted in the ancient Zapotec civilization of Oaxaca, Mexico, the Zapotec weaving tradition is a timeless cultural tapestry.

Handed down through generations, this craft intricately blends earthy colors and geometric patterns, with each thread on the traditional loom carrying the weight of centuries of cultural heritage.

What makes this tradition even more remarkable is the use of natural dyes, including the vibrant cochineal dye extracted from insects native to the region.

Beyond being a visual delight, Zapotec textiles serve as a living link to a rich history, highlighting the resilience and creativity of a people dedicated to preserving their identity through the artistry of weaving.

Meet the Artisans

Come on a journey to understand the heritage of our products, which roots back to pre-colonial times. Creative traditions passed down from generation to generation.Understand how your purchase empowers the artisans in these rural communities where life if hard, and how it encourages their creativity to thrive.